Friday, December 12, 2008


yesterday was the first (but most likely not last) time i got to call poison control for caleb. hooray! he found out how to squirt the purell and managed to swallow a small pea-sized amount. i wasn't really worried until i read that it said, "if swallowed, call poison control immediately." so i called.
vicky was very nice and helpful. she told me to wipe out his mouth with a wet washcloth (easy for you to say, vicky!) and then give him some milk or yogurt or ice cream. i wish we had ice cream... sigh. but i settled for milk. and surprise, surprise, caleb is just fine.

seeing double

caleb figured out that we own two copies of goodnight moon. i got them at baby showers and didn't realize i had two until caleb had already drooled on one and taken a bite out of the other. so, needless to say, we kept them both. but yesterday, it finally registered with caleb. what did this mean? i had to read them both, of course... at the same time. i would flip the page in both books and read the words. and heaven forbid i was ever on the wrong page in either book!
then, he decided to carry them around the house. both turned to the "goodnight little house and goodnight mouse" page. and again, it was as if the world had ended if something happened to make one of the books be on a different page.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

getting ready for christmas

this past weekend, our date night was decorating for christmas. first, we went out and bought two new cds and then we came home and hung a wreath, put up the stockings, set up the nativity, etc. now i just need some stocking holders and a nativity for caleb. what i'm looking for is a nice, unbreakable nativity. maybe wood. something that caleb can play with now, but that is not just for a little kid. something he could even keep for a while. maybe something like this or this. since we don't get a tree yet (nowhere to put it and we travel during the holidays), i've got a bit of a christmas decoration budget that i can spend. i'll keep looking around.

one of the cds we bought this year was barlow girl. i really like it (except for song three, but no one's perfect). i was thinking back to the first time i heard barlow girl. i had heard OF them when i led a group of high school girls for youth group. i thought they were this teen-girl-punk sort of band. then, early on in our time over on this side of the state, troy was going to have a guys night with a good friend from college. they went to a hockey game. what was i going to do? not knowing anyone and not really having anything to do, i didn't want to be stuck at home alone.

i took myself to a concert. a rebecca st. james concert. and who was opening for her? barlow girl, of course. although i ended up leaving part way through rebecca's set, i did buy a barlow girl cd. and now i have three of them. and i'm hooked.

but that's not the best part. the best part is that now, if troy had a guys night somewhere... i would have a bunch of girls to call to have a girl's night. sure, there would be babies to figure out and probably a night home alone going to bed early would be nice... but the point is, i've come a long way from a concert all by myself. and that makes me really happy to remember.

poundin' it out

caleb learned a new trick over thanksgiving. his uncle scroll taught him to bump fists. and he got pretty good at it, too. every time he did it correctly, scroll would go nuts with excitement. so, caleb figured that pumping his fist in the air was just a part of the trick. adorable!

what i didn't figure in, however, was how well caleb would generalize this new idea. see, when i'm nursing him, caleb will often play with my hand. and often we end up giving each other five. only now, whenever that happens, his little fist starts pumping up and down in excitement. not exactly the way to calm down for bedtime! thanks, uncle scroll!

it has been so long

sometimes it just seems easier to not blog than to try and catch up on all the things going on. or to try and explain why i've been absent.

but, i'm not going to do either one. i'm just going to pick up as though i never left. how's that for taking the easy way out?