Saturday, November 28, 2009


following in the footsteps of kelly and jessi, here's a list of things for which i'm thankful!
grace and peace
the way troy looks at me even when i'm wearing sweats and haven't showered
caleb singing "I love you baby Jesus" while playing with his nativity
ali's smile
bath time for the kids
the look on ali's face when troy enters the room. I hope she gets that from me
conversations with caleb
being close to family even when they live in other states
friends that feel more and more like family
date night
Qdoba after church
the chance to spend every day with two of my favorite people
the chance to spend a lifetime with my love
chai tea
game nights
God's sovereignty

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dreaming about shoes

the other night i had a dream that i was an auctioneer at a shoe auction. i think i've had shoes on my brain because i'm kind of in love with little ballet flats... they are the shoe i've been praying would be in fashion because they are just perfect for me! but of course, i still only have one pair, so i look at them every time i'm at the store and dream about christmas.
in this dream, though, the shoes were all pretty crazy (think crazy colorful plastic with mondo feathers and sequins.). and sometimes i wouldn't show the shoe before auctioning it off. i would just say, women's shoe, size 8, pink. and you would just get what you got. i think mostly people were happy, though, and i even snuck a couple of cute ones for myself!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

your girlfriend's ugly

about a month ago, my dad was teaching a class and asked this question, "what would you say to someone who said they loved Jesus, but not his church." some guy in the class answered, "i like you, but your girlfriend's ugly."
i've been thinking about that. we've had several single guy friends in our life. most of them are very happily married now. and we LOVE the women they found to spend the rest of their lives with. i wonder, though, how it would have been if we had not liked the women. how could we be friends with someone, say we love someone, and then dislike the person they chose? sure, we might not hit it off at first. and it would take some time to get to know her. but in the end, part of the very nature of the man is to be learned by knowing the woman he loves.
the Bible says that the church is the bride of Christ. it's messed up and can offend. but how can we say we love Christ if we do not love His church? it may be hard and take time and effort and patience, but in the end, part of the very nature of Jesus can be learned by knowing His church.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Warning, FMO

(for moms only)

So, Ali is a very infrequent pooper. But regular... every six days, like clockwork (well, except this time it was seven days). I am drinking pear juice like it's my job, but I guess this is just how she is. We've gotten to the place where I even have a special "pooping outfit" for her so that nothing else gets stained. Oh the things a parent does!
In some ways it's nice... I don't have to bring a diaper bag everywhere I go (unless it's been six days, then I bring two of everything).
Ok, why did I write this blog?? I guess I feel like this is something I want to remember about Ali at this stage... won't she live that?!

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Me: Caleb, I'm glad you're awake! How are you?
Caleb: I good. I turn two in august. I have dog party. I eat dog cake, chips.
Me: wow, that sounds like fun!
Caleb: it so fun.

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Monday, November 2, 2009


Caleb saw me blogging and wanted to include one of his half-eaten chocolate brownie cliff bar. So, without further ado...

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This weekend, Caleb received a belated birthday gift of a viewmaster!! I totally remember having one and absolutely loving it. Anyway, Caleb loves it too but just calls it his present. As in, "mommy, find present, please"

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More words

Snuggle: started as "sungle" and has now become "suggle"
Refridgerator: used to be "fridge" but has now morphed into "refridger"