Tuesday, November 17, 2009

your girlfriend's ugly

about a month ago, my dad was teaching a class and asked this question, "what would you say to someone who said they loved Jesus, but not his church." some guy in the class answered, "i like you, but your girlfriend's ugly."
i've been thinking about that. we've had several single guy friends in our life. most of them are very happily married now. and we LOVE the women they found to spend the rest of their lives with. i wonder, though, how it would have been if we had not liked the women. how could we be friends with someone, say we love someone, and then dislike the person they chose? sure, we might not hit it off at first. and it would take some time to get to know her. but in the end, part of the very nature of the man is to be learned by knowing the woman he loves.
the Bible says that the church is the bride of Christ. it's messed up and can offend. but how can we say we love Christ if we do not love His church? it may be hard and take time and effort and patience, but in the end, part of the very nature of Jesus can be learned by knowing His church.


Nick said...

I think the guy that said this is from Texas.

I would not expect anything less from the 'great nation of Texas'.

Amanda said...

Hmm, guess I need to work more on appreciating and liking the wife of a certain friend? Seems you must have had our situation in mind when writing this, since I talked about it at our play date. They might be here for Christmas, so guess I will get my chance then. I'm glad you haven't had a situation like this to struggle with!