Thursday, November 12, 2009

Warning, FMO

(for moms only)

So, Ali is a very infrequent pooper. But regular... every six days, like clockwork (well, except this time it was seven days). I am drinking pear juice like it's my job, but I guess this is just how she is. We've gotten to the place where I even have a special "pooping outfit" for her so that nothing else gets stained. Oh the things a parent does!
In some ways it's nice... I don't have to bring a diaper bag everywhere I go (unless it's been six days, then I bring two of everything).
Ok, why did I write this blog?? I guess I feel like this is something I want to remember about Ali at this stage... won't she live that?!

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Jessi said...

hahahahah seriously Benj was the SAME way till he started eating baby food! It was mostly every Sunday for him! And YUCK is all I can say.
Also I blogged about it too. Just without a warning.

Rachel said...

Too funny! Lydia is the opposite--we rarely have a diaper that doesn't have at least a little bit of poop in it. The doctor called her a squirter and warned us that we would go through a lot of diaper rash cream!

Alexandra said...

Lauren, you are awesome - Selah was exactly the same!!! When that 5th-7th day rolled around and we had to go anywhere we had extra outfits for all of us!