Wednesday, February 11, 2009


that's what caleb calls his goldfish... and since i promised a post about that little guy, here it is. so, we received this fish as a party favor from a super fun 1-year b-day celebration. we thought it would be no big deal, just toss the fish in a vase, give it some food, and see what happened. well, what happened was that caleb fell in love with this fish. it's not got some gourmet fish food, a nice big fish bowl, and an adoring fan. this fish has already more than doubled in size... partly due to the fact that caleb hates to sit down to a meal unless Woosh gets to eat, too. and if it's nap time, caleb will not relax on my shoulder or be ready to go to his crib until he's said goodnight to the fish. it's really cute... but who knew i'd be starting to think about qualified pet sitters at this time in life!

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The Lochheads said...

This is so sweet! Add this little goldfish to the list of things that Caleb loves...right up there with tall men holding him and penguin music on the ipod... :) It's so fun to hear about his little personality! Give him a squeeze for us! :) LE