Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bedtime conversations

most nights, troy puts caleb to bed while i take care of ali. but on monday and wednesday evenings, troy has class and i'm in charge of both of them. i let caleb play with my iphone while i put ali to sleep and then i get to hang out with him.
after we read a couple of books and brush teeth, we make our way to his room and read his Bible. then i turn off the lights, pick him up, sit on the rocking chair, and then we have the greatest conversations. monday, it was about what's real and what's pretend. we talked about micky mouse, buzz lightyear and woody. we talked about how pretend things are fun, but what we really love are the things that are real: family members, friends, etc.
tonight we talked about heaven. he was telling me that God lives in heaven. he wanted to know what heaven was like and i told him that everything that was the best was in heaven. i asked what he thought would be there. here are some things he mentioned: lots of cool toys, chocolate cow milk, cold chai tea, chocolate candies, brownies, and mommy and daddy. sounds great, huh? then i told him the best thing about heaven was that Jesus was there and we would get to see Him. caleb was so excited about that. he told me that he wanted to go drive to heaven and see Jesus. me too! when the time comes, we'll be called home and i can't wait!

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