Friday, February 5, 2010


We are so busy right now. So busy. Or, I should say, Troy is so busy and I'm busy trying not to go crazy or let him drown in his busy-ness. Here's what he typical weekdays look like for him:
Monday: work, go to class, come home late and do some homework
Tuesday: work, help get kids to bed, homework while I go to community group
Wednesday: same as Monday
Thursday: work, help get kids to bed, homework or group project meeting
Friday: work, help with kids, DATE NIGHT
Saturday/sunday: fun with family except for homework during naps, get kids to bed, one night of friends and one night of homework

Yikes! But we are halfway done with the quarter and after this one, having one class next quarter wil probably seem like a breeze!

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The Lochheads said...

What a zoo!!! Schooling AND two little sure makes life go by fast! Tell Troy we're thinking of him and all of you during this crazy time. Just a few weeks left! :) LE