Wednesday, November 14, 2007

caleb's daily routine

caleb is an easy baby and troy and i are working hard on being good parents... but the baby whisperer has helped us all. she really helped me to understand how to get caleb on a predictable routine. sometimes i thought i wanted to put him on a really strict schedule but then i realized that would be more for my benefit than his. that's why i appreciate the baby whisperer's more balanced approach to parenting. he loves it and sticks to it really well. and i like that i can tell what my little man needs from me. so this is what it looks like now... the times seem to be give or take 15mins:
7:00 wake up, eat, quiet activity
8:30 sleep
10:00 wake up, eat, activity
11:30 sleep
1:00 wake up, eat, activity
2:30 sleep
4:30 wake up, eat, activity (including picking up troy from the bus)
6:00 sleep
7:00 wake up, eat
7:30 bath
8:00 bedtime
10:30 dream feed
4:00-4:30 night feed

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