Wednesday, November 28, 2007

raspberry shake

caleb and i have a new game to play! it's called "raspberry shake" and it has nothing to do with a real shake (unlike the picture would lead you to believe). to play the game, caleb lays on a blanket (as usual) and i blow raspberries with my tongue while simultaneously shaking his body by vibrating my hands on his belly. it makes him smile. i'm looking forward to when he can blow raspberries and all i have to do is make my hands vibrate!


janell said...


janell said...

you want to know something funny...for some reason, i'm not able to see you raspberry shake post from your blog...just the picture. that's why i wrote that first comment. from the comments page i clicked on the title "raspberry shake" and saw the post (i was wondering why you posted just a pic of a shake) i still think it looks yummy :)