Friday, April 11, 2008

caleb's eyes

yes, i may be a bit biased, but i think caleb's eyes are the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen. i've learned a lot about eyes since having a baby because this is the first time i've just relentlessly studied another person's eyes. there's something amazing about how a baby can just stare back without any embarrassment. i've learned that eyes can be more than one color at the same time. they have (or can have) this different ring right around the pupil. troy's eyes are light blue and right around the pupil they are also light blue (although the blue is a different pattern or texture, if that makes any sense). my eyes, however, are two different colors. a light green with a light brown ring inside. caleb's eyes are a dark blue with a light brown around the pupil. i love the contrast between the blue and the brown. i'm really hoping that they don't change.

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