Sunday, September 7, 2008

trip to the zoo

(mountain) lions, (sleeping) tigers, and (bronze) bears... oh my! yesterday we took caleb to the zoo. it was a small zoo, but the size was perfect to fit in to the space between his two naps. the best part for me was seeing all the macaws out and about where i could have just reached out and touched them. the best part for caleb, i think, was seeing all the bronze statues of animals spread throughout the zoo. he played with the bear and the giraffe mostly.

the size of the zoo lent itself to a few funny moments. the map, for example... it had a "you are here" star. but the point of a map is that we could find where we were while moving around. fortunately, the zoo was so small, the star was never really too far off! also, things were labeled as "the world of camelids" as represented by alpacas... four of them. and the "world of macropods" as represented by one wallaby. :)

i think we'll definitely go back. the good thing about the size is that we could see everything very easily. and it would be fun to sort of get to know a couple of the animals. i can see it being a place where caleb would have a favorite lemur or parrot or something. and we could go visit every week. i think we would like that.
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