Monday, September 22, 2008

brushing his teeth

i was in our bedroom folding clothes when i hear a strange sound coming from my closet. i knew caleb had crawled in that direction, but this sound was one he hadn't made before. it was a sort of buzzing. not unhappy, but not particularly excited, either. what could he be up to? i went to find out.
my adorable little monster! he had found one of our extra sonicare toothbrush heads and had put it in his mouth. the sounds, of course, was him brushing his teeth.
that's when i decided to go ahead and get him his own little toothbrush. we brush his teeth every morning after breakfast and every evening before bed. first, he opens his mouth and i brush a bit, then he gets his turn. sometime we even make the tooth-brushing noise. and at the end, we always have to lean over the sink and spit! have i mentioned he's adorable?

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