Wednesday, October 1, 2008


caleb is getting to be more and more fun. he's loving to play little games with us. here are a few of his most recent:

when troy came in to get him from his nap, caleb would lay back down and grab a stuffed animal and pretend to sleep. so troy would say "goodnight, caleb" and leave again. which of course made caleb stand up and start talking. so troy would come in again and reach for caleb. and it went on and on and on.

yesterday, i went to get caleb from his nap and i ran in there as fast as i could and kissed his adorable little forehead. he laughed and pushed me away... so i ran out of the room, waited a few seconds, and did it again. we played this game for over 15 minutes!

caleb also thinks it's funny to transfer things from one place to another. specifically to places he knows they don't belong. like putting his diapers into the toy drawer. or all of his tractors into the diaper bag. or mommy's flip-flops into daddy's shirt drawer. or the blocks into the tractor bag. it goes on and on. he gets a huge kick out of himself.

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