Monday, October 27, 2008

spokane trip

we spent a long weekend in spokane this month. it was crazy-busy but very worth it. we were able to see everyone we wanted to see. saturday was spent watching some "punkin' chunkin'", which, if you don't know what it is, you really should watch a youtube video of it because it's hilarious. we also did our traditional homemade calzone (that we introduced and got all our friends addicted to) and game night. we played some scum and then learned a new game, agricola. sunday and monday we also spent with friends, eating some good food, playing some fun games, and watching kids play together.
every time we go back to spokane i am reminded how blessed i am to have those friends. there we have a community of friends where i can hang out with the girls, troy and hang out with the guys, or we can all hang out together. and there is fun and honesty and connection. i love it. it's hard to leave and come back home sometimes. but i finally feel like i'm starting to develop that connection with a few people here. and spokane always reminds me that it's worth working hard to find.

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