Friday, October 31, 2008

caleb's words

i guess i'd better post caleb first words because, although i would like to think i'll never forget, life has a funny way of moving ahead.

"sic" = music
"dye-dye" = bye-bye
"daddy" = daddy
"boooon" = balloon
"boo" = peek-a-boo
"djack-djack" = backpack
"nigh-nigh" = nap, sleep

he's got other things he "says" just not so much in words. like, he has a certain sound he makes when he drops/throws something on the floor and wants it picked back up. and he makes lots of animal sounds, which also then are the names of certain stuffed animals. speaking of animal sounds, he has a new one as of today... frog... it sounds like "row row".

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