Wednesday, October 1, 2008

confused sport

caleb got a new toy from his uncle mike, aunt hanell, and uncle luke. it's a three-in-one sport toy that makes sounds and lights up. caleb likes to get his head up really close and stare into the lights. and every time he makes the music go, he has to hurry to stand up so he can dance to the music. i don't know that the toy was really intended to teach him how to dance, but maybe that's just a bonus :)

the funny thing is, since it's all about getting the music to play, caleb doesn't care how it's supposed to work. he just wants the music and lights. no matter what. so although you're supposed to put a ball through the hoop to start it up, caleb has instead decided it's easier to just move the baseball bat up and down inside the hoop. so he'll stand there, alternating between looking like he's churning butter and wiggling his little tush.

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