Tuesday, April 28, 2009

crazy alia

seriously, she's crazy. i can already see her moving... not just feel her, but see her. she's already found both my lungs and my bladder. i swear caleb took a lot longer than this. i hope she gets all her crazy wiggling and squirming out now while she's still little!
on another note, though, i'm getting really excited to meet her. i'm scared, too, but the excitement is starting to overwhelm my fears. i wonder what she'll look like, if she'll have dimples and curly hair, what color her eyes will be, and if she'll have my feet or troy's (we're praying for troy's). i wonder if i can force purple as her favorite color or if i'll have to settle for pink. i wonder what her first word will be and what animals she'll like. i wonder how she'll be like troy, like me, and like caleb. i can't wait to meet the little miss!


Amy said...

It was so fun to see Hanell, your mom, and Annelie! :)

A couple questions - how are your iron levels? And how do you prounounce Alia?

Jessi said...

Oh, you can DEFINITELY force purple:) I did! Now, Glory hasn't started to ask for it yet, but I'm confident she will!