Wednesday, September 30, 2009

all good things must come to an end

i was just standing in the hallway, holding alia and minding my own business when, all of a sudden, i hear caleb running and yelling, "TWO DOGGIES!" oh no. see, caleb has "special doggie", a little lovey that he hates to be without. but what he doesn't know... sorry, didn't know... was that there were actually two of them. that way we were safe to wash doggie and there would be no freaking out if one got left somewhere. as of today, however, he has two doggies. i think what happened was that #2 (as we call the hidden one) was with the clothes in the dryer that i then put on the bed when i needed to switch laundry. and then caleb went into our room and now life will never be the same.
his excitement was through the roof. here's part of what he said, "two doggies... same same... two tags... two doggie tags... two special doggies... caleb have two doggies... two doggies same... two doggies on head... two doggies sungle (snuggle)... two doggies sleep... two doggies!!" so now what? i can't take it away. oh well, it was good while it lasted!

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Anonymous said...

This cracks me up!! I can just imagine the excitement in his voice...