Saturday, September 26, 2009

two funny stories

i just love all the funny things caleb says. and i need to get better and writing them down. so, here we go:
1. the other day we were talking about "owl", which is what caleb calls his grandpa al. we told him that grandpa's name was "alan" just like caleb's middle name. caleb alan, grandpa al. caleb looked at us a while (i didn't really think he understood) and then said, "same, same... caleb and grandpa caleb". almost buddy!
2. caleb loves those bunny snacks. you know, the ones that are like goldfish crackers only taste better and are (slightly) better for you. he loves calling them "honey bunny" and "yummy bunny" because they rhyme. so, the other day we were talking about all the words that rhymed with bunny (honey, funny, runny, sunny, etc). he decided to give it a try and came up with "dog bunny!" then he started laughing as though he knew it wasn't right, but liked it anyway.

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