Thursday, October 8, 2009


my mom's coming for a visit soon, so i've been thinking a lot about her. i've got so many incredible stories of the things that she's taught me and just the way she raised the three of us kids. and i've tried to put my finger on it a number of times; what is it that made her such a great mom?? some of the answers i've come up with were
  • she knew how to be what we needed, when we needed it: mom, friend, teacher, mentor, etc.
  • she had a background in teaching so she was able to teach things very clearly and creatively.
  • she was in evangelism ministry, so she viewed life as a ministry already.
but you know what mom would say if she was asked what she did right? (and believe me, i've asked!) she would say she had no idea what she was doing, she just loved God. the secret to being a better mom is to love and serve and follow and grow in relationship with God. He created our kids so He knows what they need. and what does He say? Seek first His kingdom.
so when Mom comes, i think this time i'll do less asking her questions about parenting and more time asking her about Him.


Tricia said...

I love your mom so much! She was always so kind and loving--yours was always one of my favorite homes at which to play. Say hi to her for me! She certainly was a great example of motherhood and faith!

Amy said...

love it - so true. Oh to know Him better and better!