Tuesday, February 26, 2008

are taste buds genetic?

because caleb seems to be developing tastes very similar to his daddy... and he's just barely getting started! first of all, we tried rice cereal which went well. caleb likes it and in the last week or so has started wanting more than the initial tablespoon that we had been giving him. next, came bananas. these made him gag even before they made it into his mouth... just like his daddy! today, we tried avacado... a big hit! caleb smiled his way through half of an avocado and would have eaten more but i thought it best to wait seeing as this was his first try. and so far, the solids have not affected the amount of nursing he's doing. is there no end to how much this baby will eat??
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eric, janell & jackson said...

what a cute boy...so, no bananas? i guess jackson doesn't alwasys follow in his buddy's footsteps...he's a fan of bananas, though not a fan of the blender's sound in making his banana puree. he FREAKED out. i guess i'll have to stick to blending during nap time for now :)