Monday, February 25, 2008


i think i've mentioned before that i'm part of a PEPS group. this organization, which stands for Program for Early Parental Support, is only in King county, but really should be everywhere. basically, it's a group for moms who have young babies. you join before your baby is 4 months old and they put you in a group with other moms in your same area. so, the 10 of us in my group all live within about 15 minutes of one another and we all have babies within a few months of each other. it's great to see babies younger and older than caleb so that i can see where he's been and where he will be soon. every week we talk about highs and lows of the week and then, after a little snack, we discuss a topic. some of our topics have been sleeping, eating, relationships, toys, birth stories, etc. there's a facilitator that keeps us on track (as much as possible) and chooses the topics.

the bummer is that tomorrow is our last official meeting. but, we're going to keep meeting every week for PEPS Plus, which is the same thing, just with no leader. and, every month we're going to have a mom's night out where the dads babysit and we go out for dinner! what fun! i've really enjoyed having these other ladies in my life to talk babies with and share ideas and research. i'm hoping that some of the relationships will continue for quite a while. plus, it's great for caleb to get a chance to be around other kids his age.

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