Tuesday, November 4, 2008

favorite things, part 2

walking. even though a lot of his motion is still sideways, he loves practicing his new skill. he'll carry things from room to room... just because he can.
dogs. the sounds they make, books about them, commercials with them, pictures of them, seeing them on walks, etc. if he's having a bad day, just take him to see some dogs and life is good again.
breakfast with daddy. if caleb wakes up early enough in the morning (which, thanks to the time change, is a regular occurrence now), he gets to eat breakfast with his daddy while i take a shower or whatever. this is the one time during the day that caleb gets to eat sitting on a lap instead of in his seat. and he gets to take bites off of daddy's spoon. and taste new cereals. yum!
getting his way. and if he doesn't, he'll cry, wave his hands around, and/or make a sound like this, "wee-a, wee-a, wee-a", or this, "ehhhhhhhhh".

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