Tuesday, November 4, 2008


last year, caleb was only a couple months old at halloween, so we just put him in a pumpkin and called it good.
this year, however, we decided to be a little more proactive and actually get caleb a costume. obviously, we had to choose a dog since they are one of his favorite things and since he makes such a good dog sound. we found a costume at costco and even though it wasn't the best dog costume ever, we were pretty happy with it.
fast forward three weeks... we go to put the costume on caleb for a halloween party and IT DOESN'T FIT! it's too short. a few weeks ago this wouldn't have been an issue, maybe just a little uncomfortable. but now that he's walking, it's miserable (as you can tell by the picture).
thankfully, though, a friend was done using a bee costume and we were able to put caleb in it for a little halloween photo shoot.

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