Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i'm back...

partly i was busy, what with christmas and all. partly, i just didn't know where to start with all the super-fun stories of caleb at this age (16 months is my new favorite). mostly, though, i'm pregnant! so i've been spending down time resting and trying not to get sick and avoiding telling the whole world that we're having another baby. but i'm starting to feel better now and we just had our first appointment and got to hear the little one's amazing heart beating away like crazy. so i think i'll be back to semi-regular blogging now... and boy do i have stories to share!

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The Lochheads said...

Congratulations! Jeff and I are so excited that another Sch...are we supposed to say last names online?...BABY is joining your family!!! We were very excited to hear your news. We hope you get through the 1st trimester without too much sickness or exhaustion.

Lots of love to you! LE and fam