Tuesday, August 11, 2009

memorable quotes from during labor...

  • on the car trip to the birth center, spoken because of the switch from active to transitional labor: "OH NO! they (the contractions) get worse!"
  • pulling into the parking lot of the birth center, toward the end of transitional labor: "Troy, if we ever win the lottery, can we repave this?!". he promised.
  • while pushing baby Alia out: "Alia, stop doing this to me!"
on a side note, one of the things for which i've been most grateful regarding this labor and delivery experience is how connected i felt to my body and the whole experience. i love that i remember what others were doing/saying and what i was doing/saying. there's something really sweet about it, and i didn't even know it was missing last time.


wight people said...

Love it all! Great memories. I am so proud of you.

merrell said...

yea you!!!