Wednesday, August 12, 2009

things i didn't need

it's funny now when i think back at how long it took me to pack my bags for the birth center. i spent so much time thinking about what to bring and pulling it all together. part of it was i wanted to have everything i needed (and had to figure out what to wear!) and part of it was that i lacked motivation to decide what that would be.
but here are some things i brought that i definitely did not need...
  • relaxing and inspiring music playlist on the ipod
  • labor journal full of verses, poems, song lyrics, etc.
  • swimsuit for troy (if he had tried to change, he probably would have missed her birth)
  • two different laboring outfits (i barely had time to get out of what i was wearing, let alone put anything else on)
  • computer to keep friends and family apprised of what was going on. i don't think this one even made it out of the car...

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