Monday, August 10, 2009

She's here!

unlike last time when i was induced, epidural-ed, monitored, and spend hours and hours pushing, this labor was super quick!! here's how i remember the day...
11am-12:15pm visit cougar mountain zoo and do my best to waddle around seeing all the animals. no contractions.
12:15pm-2:15pm eat lunch, put caleb down for a nap, welcome friends coming for a visit, still no contractions.
2:15pm-3:00pm feeling like i need to a)use the bathroom, b)should finish packing my bags, and c)don't want to be around people. have 2 mild contractions.
3:00pm-9:15pm say goodbye to friends, call family to let them know something is starting, eat dinner, get caleb to bed, win two games of ticket to ride. mild contractions every 15-20 minutes but i'm not even timing them.
9:15pm-9:30pm finish packing, tell troy to start timing contractions.
9:30pm-9:40pm have three contractions, each one getting harder and harder. call the midwife, start heading out the door.
10:15pm-10:55pm drive to the birth center. worst 40 minutes of my life. contractions getting worse and worse, every 2 minutes or so.
10:55pm-11:13pm arrive at the birth center and have a baby!! hardest and best 18 minutes of my life!

more fun stories to come!


merrell said...

i have goosebumps . . . YOU DID IT!!!! i'm so so so proud of you, lauren. you are a true champion and so brave. i love your story :) GREAT JOB!!!

merrell said...

next time, maybe your baby should just be born at home :) saves you the crazy driving during 2 min contractions!