Thursday, March 6, 2008

easily distracted... or obsessively focused...

sometimes caleb is so easily distracted, mostly when eating. for example, i can only get him to nurse if it's dark in the room, he's tired, and i play quiet music so that he doesn't hear the outside sounds. and try to feed him in another house, chair, etc... forget it! or, when he's eating solids and i'm wearing my fuzzy purple slippers, he will totally ignore the food and stare at my slippers. i guess he'll be like his dad who often forgets to eat because he's working on something.
but then there are times when caleb is so focused on something that it seems nothing will distract him. like the slippers... or trying to get to his dresser to chew on the knob. no toy will take his attention away from that dresser. i thought this was the time when i could easily redirect caleb's attention to something more productive. but when he gets something in his head, it's very difficult to change his mind! again, he gets that from his daddy.

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