Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the official diagnosis...

so, i took caleb to the doctor's office yesterday. i work hard to not be an over concerned mom, but i called them since yesterday was day 6 of him having a fever, even though it was a low one. i mostly just wanted to know if there was anything else i could do for the fever/cold/flu stuff he's been experiencing. when they called back they said they thought they should take a look at him, just to make sure there was no infection or anything. i took him in and the doctor checked him all out and gave us the diagnosis of "the viral crud". it's been going around and unfortunately, caleb's got it. bummer! the doctor also said to make sure to wash my hands a lot because he's still contagious and that usually it's been lasting 1-2 weeks for kids. i hope for caleb it's more like the 1 week time... which would mean he would be better tomorrow!! i can tell he's already getting a bit better. he's been sleeping great for naps (and better at night than he was this weekend) and is starting to have a little better attitude during his awake times. i just want him to be better and be able to breathe and eat at the same time!

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