Wednesday, March 19, 2008

projectile vomit...

caleb had a bit of a hard day, but we were managing just fine and i thought it mainly had to do with his teething (he seems to be getting his top front teeth now). but this evening he was so grumpy and fussy and his tummy seemed to be bothering him. so, we got him ready for bed a little early and troy got out the tylenol. as he put it in his mouth, caleb started to cough. i thought it was just him trying to get rid of the tylenol, but when i sat him up to make sure he was ok, all of a sudden, vomit went everywhere! all over me and caleb and the chair i was in. yikes!! it smelled horrible but i was actually less disgusted than i thought i would be because i was so concerned about how caleb felt. i hope he's better now and we won't have to relive that for quite a while... if ever.

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