Sunday, March 23, 2008

redefining " tired out"

a few days ago i posted about being really tired because caleb was sick, grumpy, etc. i should have known not to speak so soon! now i truly have a deeper appreciation for what tired out actually means. caleb has a stuffy nose... a bad one! so bad that he couldn't eat and breathe at the same time, which really scared him. so he woke up every 1-2 hours last night because he was hungry... but unable to eat. we tried feeding him out of a sippy cup which helped a bit and gave him enough to at least tide him over. the other issue with his cold is that while he was sleeping it seemed like maybe he switched to trying to breathe out of his nose again and then it startled him awake when he couldn't. this resulted in him waking up crying pretty heavily and being scared of going back to sleep. i found that this continued over into this morning... he can now breathe ok so i was able to feed him, but he is really scared of being put into his crib to sleep. poor baby! as hard as it has been to not get to sleep and to listen to him cry pretty much all night, i feel so bad for him that it cancels out any feels of frustration i may have otherwise had. it also makes me so thankful for what a wonderful sleeper i usually have because i know there are some families for which nights like this are more common than not.

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