Monday, May 26, 2008

adventures with P.d. Pooch

caleb had a great time with P.d. Pooch! it was so cute to see him totally enamored with our dog. he would hear pd's nails clicking as he came into the room and caleb's head would swivel around to find the pooch. caleb also started making a growling noise whenever he saw pd. it sounded a lot like his lion sound, but this was definitely aimed at the dog. sometimes even just the sound of pd's bark would get caleb growling. the best part was watching caleb try to pet pd. he would follow pd from room to room trying to get to him. pd is pretty much deaf so he wouldn't hear caleb until the last minute which meant that he could get pretty close. it was adorable... and transformed caleb into a much quicker crawler!

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Lindsay Chandler said...


I'm so glad to see that P.d. Pooch is alive and well. I still tell people that there are only a few dogs in this world that I've ever liked, and P.d. is on it!

Of course, the stories about Caleb are even more precious. He is getting so big! Can't wait to meet him.
Love, Lindsay