Monday, May 26, 2008

the week in review...

the first weekend we were out in kentucky, the whole family was there. dad, mom, luke (the graduate), hanell, mike, troy, caleb, and me. we let doc and nana babysit on saturday and all of us kids (minus caleb) went to see prince caspian. it was our first movie-theater movie since caleb has arrived and i loved it! i did wish there had been some better previews, though. that night we played some hand 'n' foot... i love that game!

sunday, we had a party! it was great to meet friends of luke's and some his youth leaders and teachers. and fun to see friends of the family that i usually just hear fun stories about.

monday, troy, mike, and hanell had to leave (crazy people who actually have jobs!). we looked at some houses for mike and hanell and went to luke's senior award night. i had to leave early to put caleb to bed, but got to see him win a scholar athlete award (he also won an all-around award). i was so happy that i was staying on for a whole other week to continue the celebration.

tuesday was swimming day! we got everything loaded up and when over to dad's seminary to use the pool. now, the first time caleb went swimming, he wasn't so sure about it. but this time, he loved it! we put him in his spring float thing and he was in the big pool with doc and uncle luke. he was kicking his feet and spinning around and was LOVING LIFE! we also watched the finale of american idol.

wednesday we took a trip to the park. caleb went in the swings and uncle luke took him down the slide. that night we rented national treasure 2: book of secrets which was just like the first... and that, in my book, is a good thing. we also found out david cook won american idol. mom was pleased.

thursday the fun started... caleb is teething again. majorly teething. the last incisor (bottom right) and three molars (two on bottom, one on top). that day was horrible... and it didn't really get better as the week went on. but being with family was a wonderful support. dad even babysat while mom and i went to meet with a friend for coffee/tea.

friday was graduation day! we got some great pictures of the grad with caleb (i'll post those in a later blog). caleb did well for part of the ceremony and we got to cheer on luke as he received his diploma and then we went home a little early to give caleb a nap and dinner. we celebrated afterward with chinese food and a movie!

saturday was full of games (lots of since and nertz) and fun and walks around the neighborhood. we even went to a professional volleyball game.

sunday was our last day in louisville. we went to church (doc and caleb did great in the nursery together), ate bbq, and packed. and caleb even did well on the plane rides!

i have lots more fun little stories (as well as lots of pictures) to share, but at least this will give a glimpse as to what the week was like.

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