Saturday, May 10, 2008

invisible baby gate

kids change so quickly! i didn't even get around to blogging about this and now it's already done. caleb has been crawling for a while now, but he only would crawl on carpet (or rugs). this worked out nicely for containing him at home since he wouldn't leave his room or leave the rug in the living room. it was so funny to watch him crawl up to the edge of the wood floors and stop. maybe reach a hand out. and then sit up and just look out over the vast expanse of wood. that all changed today, thanks to a fun afternoon with our friends, dustin and sara. we went to their house (troy and dustin brewed some beer together) and they have wood floors everywhere. no rug to hide on. it took caleb a little while to get used to it, but now he's a wood-floor crawling expert! and it even transferred. as soon as he was let loose in our house after getting home, he just took off. so many new places to explore!

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eric, janell & jackson said...

now the chasing begins! you probably don't need to worry about jogging anymore :)