Wednesday, May 14, 2008


caleb now has two new games. the first i call "jingle bells' and the second is "lion".

jingle bells is played with some bells that he has. he hits or shakes them and then puts them on the ground and waits for them to stop making noise. then he hits them again, waits, and repeats. he obviously knows what makes the sound and i like that he decides to wait until the sound is done.

lion is also about noise, but caleb makes the sound himself. he growls like a lion, and then i make the baby sign for lion with my hands (a mane). i growl and make the sign and then he growls and i make the sign for him. he especially loves to do this in between bites of meals and sitting in his crib after a nap. oh the things that amuse an 8 month old!

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Amy said...

hey good - you are starting to do baby signs!! :)