Thursday, June 12, 2008

celebration of friendship

the weather here is yucky. very yucky. and it's june. not just june, but june 12. give me a break. please! so i'm feeling a little yucky myself. i'm sick of not being able to go out and go swimming (especially since caleb is quickly outgrowing his swimsuit that he's only worn 2 times!)and go to the park and take walks. i'm ready for summer. or at least spring!

all that to say, i need a pick me up. and having my dear friend janell here yesterday helped. a lot! i thought it was time i did something to celebrate friendship. i'm hoping this will help bring a little sunshine into my life since obviously the sky isn't doing that for me. so i thought it would be fun to write about my two closest friends and how i met them. because when i think about them and how they came into my life, it makes me happy. and it makes me excited to think about how God is orchestrating other friendship in my life at this very moment and i might not even realize it!

ps... troy is really my closest friend... but for the sake of this celebration, i'm excluding family.

janell: i met janell in a really roundabout way. see, her sister-in-law worked at the job where i got hired. and she and i got along pretty well. so when another job opened up in my department and janell applied, we thought, "hey, let's give it a shot... at least her character is vouched for." what a great decision! janell and i hit it off right away. there are very few people that i could work with so easily. and we had so much fun. and our work definitely didn't suffer. if anything, we wanted to do better and quicker work so that we could have a chance to have even more fun together. we talked and worked and worked and talked (we were in customer service so we could do that sort of thing). it was wonderful. and one of the things i most dreaded about leaving that job was not seeing janell every day. but we're still friends. and our husbands get along great. and so do our boys. she's the type that i can just be with. what a joy she is and her friendship brings to me.

sheri: it was my freshman year of high school. and it seemed everywhere i looked, there she was. she was in mexican dance with me and drill team with me and speech class with me. and i thought, "hey, if i'm going to always be around her, i may as well be her friend." i am SO thankful for that! sheri has been a great friend through so much of life. she watched me fall in love (and i did the same for her) and we got married the same summer (even shared a veil and cake-topper). our boys are only about 6 months apart and our friendship seems to just be getting stronger. i'm so thankful to have a friend who has been there for so many seasons of my life. and i know she'll be there for so many more. which will make them all the more special.

ahh... i feel better already.

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eric, janell & jackson said...

i miss working with you and seeing you everyday. those really were some fun times...'member our made up patient? *clap*