Sunday, June 29, 2008

killer day

and not in a good way. it's hot here... really hot. i mean, maybe not compared to california or florida, but a lot hotter than we're used to. and we don't have air conditioning. caleb is having a really hard time with it. he isn't sleeping well at all, which is making us all grumpy (and i'm not exactly chipper when it's this hot, anyway) and he's being very clingy. that's hard for me... a clingy baby when it's so hot. all he wants is me to hold him and all i want is to take a cool shower and not touch anyone. they don't exactly go well together. i just have to remind myself that we will make it through and i just need to not lose it.

and did i mention caleb is sick?

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tim & hannah said...

i can't only imagine how uncomfortable the heat and holding a warm, sticky little one is. i hope caleb gets better too!