Tuesday, June 17, 2008

opposites attract

caleb is very into opposites right now. we love to play games with them. we do "on-off" with light switches, musical toys, etc. we play "up-down" with toys where we raise them up high and then bring them down into our laps. actually, for caleb it looks more like raising them up and then throwing them down. our favorite, though, is "in-out" and we play this one more than any other. caleb likes to dump all his blocks out of their bin and then put them back in (only to take them out again). we say "in, in, in... the block is in the box" and then "out, out, out... the block is out of the box". he's also done this will all the clothes in his dresser... those were mainly out, though, not much "in" was happening. we've also tried this at the library with their bin of board books. fun times!

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tim & hannah said...

i don't know how i stumbled on your blog, but i've been following it here and there. it's fun to see pics of caleb and all that he's doing/growing. i'd love for you to check out our blog. plus, i tagged you too! :) :)