Monday, March 2, 2009

classifying a zebra

caleb has this awesome animal magnet puzzle that he loves. he especially has loved figuring out that all the pieces can stick to the refrigerator and don't have to just stay in the puzzle. one day all the pieces were on the fridge and we were playing a "find that animal" game. we had done all the easy ones (elephant, giraffe, fish, dog, etc) so had moved on to zebra. first, he pointed to the cow... nope. then, the tiger... again, no. finally, he found the zebra. it took me a bit to figure out what he had done. first, he found the right colors (black and white, for those of you who never had a complete animal education). then, he found an animal with stripes. finally, he put them together to find the right animal. what a problem solver!

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