Thursday, March 19, 2009

play dough

thanks to a great recipe from elizabeth, i made play dough this week for the first time. it's nice and soft and smells like cinnamon! at first, caleb wasn't too sure of what he thought. he wanted me to make a fish, a 'Y', an 'O', and a heart but beyond that, he was content to just stab it with a fork and make sure he didn't touch it. but i was finally able to coax him out of his comfort zone with a very fun play dough game. here's how it works...
first, you make (or have your mommy make) a ball of play dough... smaller usually works best when you're just learning the game.
next, you take your hand and smash it onto the ball. the nice thing about a small ball is that you don't even have to press very hard... which is important if you're a bit hesitant about touching said play dough.
finally, remove your hand and see the amazing results. it's FLAT! and sometimes, if you're really lucky (or have recently eaten something with jelly), the play dough might even stick to your hand!

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