Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it's a GIRL

wow. i'm surprised... even more than i thought i would be. but excited, too, about a whole new world of parenting and purple! we've decided to name her Alia Marie. the first name means "The LORD is my God" and the middle name has been passed down to daughters since my Gammy (grandma). i love the reminder in the first name that it's the LORD who should be God and i pray that Alia will come to know Him early and with a single-hearted devotion. and i'm so looking forward to her knowing and learning about the women who have had her middle name.

now that i know it's a girl, i've developed my own theory about how to tell if i'm having a boy or a girl.
craving citrus: both
craving pringles and other chips: boy
craving any and all sweet things, especially chocolate: girl
craving italian: boy
craving hambers: girl
throwing up occasionally: boy
so nauseous i wish i could throw up: girl
sick in the morning: boy
sick in the morning and evening with occasional afternoons: girl

so now i'll never wonder again :)

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