Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tomorrow's the big day

the day we find out if the old wives tales (which said i have a 60% chance of having a girl) are right or not. a boy would be more practical (as in all the right clothes in all the right sizes, decorating the shared room, etc.) and i've always pictured myself have at least a couple of boys before any girls. but i sure would love a girl someday... and i'm even finding a few names i like... so maybe now's the time. i am leaning toward boy, but maybe just because that's what i'm used to. i don't know... i won't be shocked either way. just a wonderful surprise!
as far as names go, well, we're still working on it. we had a boy name. it was one i loved loved loved. but then i found out it is in the top 5 most popular boy names. and i just don't want him to have the same name as everyone else. so, while we may still choose it, we're entertaining other options. the nice thing is that we have LOTS of boy names we like and can imagine as a part of our family. for girls, more difficult. we don't really have a name we love right now. some we like, but none that we're sure of. and it's been hard finding one that meets all our criteria. i just really want to be able to start calling him/her by name. and for others to do the same. so hopefully soon!
i'm actually really excited about going for the ultrasound tomorrow. except that our babysitter had something come up so caleb will be joining us... making for an interesting time for troy :) i just love the place where my midwives are sending me. there are stars (little twinkle lights) on the ceiling. and i get my own monitor so i don't have to crane my neck to see what the tech is seeing. and the techs are awesome and send you home with LOTS of pictures. if i can get my hands on a scanner, i'll post a couple up soon.

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