Sunday, December 30, 2007


i had such a wonderful time visiting family this christmas and there are more great memories than i'll ever be able to recount in this blog. so, i thought i would try to choose one key memory with each family member to share.

great grandpa: had a way of being able to make caleb "talk" a lot. i loved hearing the conversations they would have.
great grandma: kept telling caleb that she wanted to "eat him up" and made sure to hold him every day.
doc: was the first of the extended family to be treated to one of caleb's laughs. he was "bumping heads" with caleb, which caleb loved!
nana: connected with caleb right away. he would smile every time that he saw her... and loved cuddle up in her arms.
uncle mike: was sick at the beginning of the week so had to wait until the 26th to hold caleb. but he made up for it by teaching caleb a new game called "blast off".
aunt hanell: looked so good with a little baby in her arms. she was great with caleb and you could just feel the love she has for him.
uncle luke: started in caleb's first basketball game. when he was holding caleb, caleb actually looked small again and during christmas dinner, caleb couldn't keep his eyes off his uncle.

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