Thursday, December 20, 2007

out of practice

for the past couple of weeks i have abandoned the habit of giving caleb a bottle now and then. partly because he had taken them so easily, partly because formula was no longer an option (because of my dairy/soy boycott), and partly because i have been wanting to freeze any milk i pump so that i will have it in case i need to be away. well, last night, we reaped the consequences of that two week break from bottles. actually, troy reaped the consequences. i went to book club and troy was going to feed caleb around 7 and then put him to bed. but caleb wouldn't take the bottle... and wouldn't sleep because he was too hungry. so, get came home at about 9:30 to my poor little man still awake. i learned my lesson and will go back to giving him a bottle every few days!!

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