Friday, December 14, 2007

a new love

caleb found a new love today and it all started with an ingrown toenail. that's right, an ingrown toenail. i called the pediatrician's office to find out what i should to about it and they suggested soaking it in warm soapy water twice a day and putting some neosporin on afterward. so, this afternoon, i took off caleb's socks and pants, filled up the bathroom sink, and held him on the edge, dangling his feet in the water. he LOVED it. he would look up at me every once in a while and smile. and he was kicking like crazy. when it was time for him to be done and to go sleep, he was NOT happy about it. he would have liked to stay there forever.

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eric, janell & jackson said...

it's nice that caleb likes his foot bath so much...sure makes it easier to help take care of the ingrown toenail. does it seem to bother him? jackson had them on both big toes since birth. (they're better now.) i was amazed that jackson's never seemed to bother him.