Monday, December 3, 2007

super pee

i give up. i think caleb is just a more forceful pee-er than most or something. but he just goes through diapers like they're cheap! first it was disposable so i was really excited to get the cloth ones. those help a bit but then he started getting through those, too. we used disposables again thinking maybe we had hard water and needed to do a treatment on the fuzzi bunz. he peed through the disposables again. then we did the treatment on the cloth diapers. we thought it worked because he wore 3 or so of them without peeing out of them. then it happened again this morning. partially it's annoying to have to do so much laundry all the time. but the real bummer is the fact that it always happens when he's sleeping. so then he wakes up and won't go back to sleep and so gets grumpy because he's sleep-deprived. our poor little pee monster!

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Sheri said...

oh, that is hard. is this still happening? have you tried moving to a larger size diaper?