Thursday, December 13, 2007

my big brute

yesterday i was at a bridal shower and i saw my friend and her adorable little girl. this little girl was born exactly one month before caleb... and weighs about 2.5 pounds LESS than he does. i have a brute! he is 15 weeks old today and he weighs almost 16 lbs! i remember when he was first born, we took him for a check up when he was 2 days old. it was a saturday and my milk hadn't come in yet and he had lost more weight than they wanted him to... so we supplemented for a while and my milk came in on monday. so, tuesday we take him again just to be weighed to see if he had started gaining again. and he had gained 10oz! the lactation consultant who told me the good news that he was doing fine said either the scale was a bit off or he was a brute... because i guess babies don't usually gain that much weight that quickly. well, her assessment has proven true. we are the proud parents of an eating, weight-gaining machine!
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Troy said...

i love our little brute!