Tuesday, January 29, 2008

did you see that?

today i hosted our PEPS meeting. this is an easy thing to do... you basically just put out chairs, throw a couple of blankets on the floor, and provide some snacks. during our break, i went to the kitchen to make sure all the snacks were ready to go. i'm pretty sure i left caleb on his back, but when i looked back at him, he was on his tummy. now, he's never rolled from his back to tummy before, but he's looked like he wants to and has been getting closer and closer. i asked one of the other moms sitting nearby if she had seen him roll over. apparently, she is not as obsessed with caleb's every developmental milestone like i am and so hadn't noticed. hmm... i'll have to keep an eye on him!


Troy said...

i'll believe it when i see it :)

Amy said...

what is PEPS? a play group or something?

lauren said...

PEPS stands for Program for Early Parental Support. it's a non-profit in this area that organizes groups of moms together who all have babies within 4 months of each other. we talk about our highs and lows as well as a specific topic (like sleep, eating, relationships now that we're moms, etc)