Friday, January 11, 2008

new year's resolutions

i'm of the camp that says "if there's something about your life you want to change, don't wait until january 1st, change it now!" sometimes, however, just the fact of it being a new year encourages me to think about what changes i may want to make. i'm not very good at making resolutions... i used to be better. when i was growing up we would often make them. everyone in our family would make one resolution in each of several categories: social, emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual. then they would get posted on our refrigerator to encourage us to stick with it.
as an adult, i've made much fewer resolutions but there have been two that stick out... probably because i kept them. one year, troy and i decided we needed to make friends with other couples so we resolved to have one couple over every month. we did that and, to this day, several of our "monthly couples" remain good friends of ours. the second was a goal i made two years ago to keep a reading log. the purpose of this was two-fold. first, i wanted to keep track of what i had read. additionally, i wanted to make sure i was reading a wider range of book types/genres. in my log i write the title, author, genre, and a rating of each book. i love to look back and think about what i've read and what they have taught me. now i can also keep track of them online at goodreads, but i still like to have them in my purple notebook!

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